Sapphires - Color Stones

Sri Lankan Gemstones have a proud history in the world of gems and crystals, the world’s most sort after gemstones are found in Sri Lanka and ranks itself at a place amongst those of the world’s most prominent gem-bearing nations. Marco Polo the explorer and writer said that the island had the best sapphires, topazes, amethysts in the world. Ceylon Sapphires were placed in Crowns, Thrones and Tiaras of many Kings and Queens whilst several other gemstones have become the prized possessions of the Rich, collectors, Prestigious Learning Institutes and Museums who have adored them among their treasures. Ceylon gemstones have many .Mentioned in myth, legend and the history of Sri Lanka, gemstones have enriched the island’s economy, culture and reputation for centuries.

Gemstones trading is part of our daily life and every day we see something new the market has to offer, We acquire gemstones from our supplier networks and today hold an inventory of carefully sourced sapphires and other gemstones .We hold in inventory in sapphires of all colors, cats eye, star sapphires, spinels, garnets, tourmalines and a variety of other gemstones. Visit our store to see our latest updates on gemstones .Each gemstone is selected with, color, quality and clarity in mind, our gemstones are recut to bring out the best of each gemstone and certified before we offer them to our clients. The gemstones we source are from direct sources to mines which are ethically sourced and no child labour involved.

The main gemstone species found in Sri Lanka are Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Padparadscha, Yellow Sapphire, Asteriated Sapphires (Star Sapphires), Alexandrite, Spinel, Tourmaline, Beryl, Quartz, Moonstone etc.