Gem Cutting

Fine Gem Cutting

In the early years of its formation, NWG was a leading lapidary and exporter of white topaz from Sri Lanka, this taught us the skills of a full-scale gemstone lapidary. Throughout the 90’s we expanded internationally and became a name popular amongst miners, dealers and jewelers from USA, Canada, Europe, Israel and Australia thanks to the higher precision of our cutting . The variety of material we have faceted in our lapidary is quite vast ranging from montana sapphires, Oregon sunstones, Australian sapphires, Herkimer quartz, Moldavite, Morganite, Tourmaline, garnets, emeralds and much more. These 30+ years of experience in providing lapidary services to international clients, combined with an effective communication gives us the unique capacity to work smoothly on client orders. Today, we provide our services to several high-profile wholesalers in the US and Europe, involving excellent quality control.

Gem Cutting Process

We employ precise cutting with precision standards, using proper “diamond angles” as a standard. We pride ourselves with a cutting quality that satisfy the most discerning European specialist dealers. We cut both calibrated melee and larger sizes, with facilities to reliably calibrate melee as well as larger stones to around +/- 0.10mm (which, in contrast to the +/- 0.20mm tolerances provided by most Indian lapidaries on medium and larger sizes, our work is sufficient for high-end pre-made mountings).

We start cutting from 2mm onwards for rounds in diamond cut. The correct symmetry of facets, correct proportions, high quality polish and correct meet points are important to every individual stone we cut. We also do recutting of already cut gemstones, drilling services and heating of sapphires.

Get in touch with us, regarding rough cutting, recutting gemstones, cabochon cutting or customs orders for calibrated gemstones.