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In the early years of its formation, NWG started as a lapidary and exporter of white topaz from Sri Lanka, this taught us the skills of a full-scale gemstone lapidary.Today the variety of material we have facet in our lapidary is quite vast ranging from montana sapphires, Oregon sunstones, Australian sapphires, Herkimer quartz, Moldavite, Morganite, Tourmaline,Fire Opals, Garnets, Emeralds and may other types of material. These 30+ years of experience in providing lapidary services to international clients, combined with an effective knowledge on client requirements and smooth communication gives us the unique capacity to work on various lapidary projects.

Gem Buying - Trusted & Ethical Sourcing

Sri Lanka Is an experience of great gem sourcing and a bustling trading center for gemstones. This country has a rich and traditional system of gem trade, remaining vitally important to the modern gemstone market.

Gem Cutting Experience Over 30 years

We have been in business for over 3 decades with an abundance of experience in the gem cutting and color stone industry, New World Gem Pvt Ltd is one of Asia’s most renowned lapidaries best known for its precision cutting and trust worthy associations with the industry.

Ethical Sourcing / Direct sourcing

At New World Gems we care for the well being of the industry to its core from the miner ,the gem cutter and vendors.We also admire traditional mining methods that are not harmful to the environment.We source our stones from direct sources who maintain healthy business partnerships with us over the decades.
All our transactions are genuine and without delays with all our suppliers and clients at any given point.We accept PayPal, Veem,Direct bank transfer or deposit to our Wells Fargo Account in the US.Goods are shipped worldwide via EMS,registered post or Fedex.

Wide Range of gemstones

Our inventory consists of a variety of material and various sizes. Check our our store for whats instore or request for custom orders by using the contact us form.We can supply sapphires of all colors from calibrated to single stones

Strict Quality Control

Each gemstones that goes through our lapidary is checked for correct proportions, quality in cutting and polish is monitored by strict control .Cut stones are checked for correct meet points in facets having + -0.01 tolerance for calibrated sizes suitable for high end jewelery settings.
Gemstones in the store section may not always be cut by us but sourced and recut and repolished.Gemstones available in the store are clearly described with it’s natural formation details and we look forward to offer great deals to you.All gemstones are certified and its authenticity acknowledged before they enter our inventory.

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