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About Us

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Based in Colombo, New World Gem was formed in 1989 by Mr Azmi Sameen who had been in the gemstone and lapidary trade since the late 70’s. With over 4 decades experience in the trade, today our founders vision brings together a combination three pillars- Lapidary services, supplying  color stones, and on-site gem buying consultancy. We are a family based business passionate for gemstones and committed to making strong business relationships with our stakeholders. In the early years of its formation New World expanded its operations by identifying the needs of the international markets of Thailand, Germany, USA by being an effective lapidary cutting and exporting white topaz from Sri Lanka.

We have a range of Sapphires (Blue sapphire, Pink sapphire, Yellow sapphire, Padparadcha), Ruby, Cats Eye, Star Sapphires, Spinels, Garnets, White Topaz, Quartz varieties and a variety of other gemstones. Get in touch with us about any enquiry regarding gemstones, rough cutting, cabochon cutting, recutting gemstones or heating sapphires.You can place direct orders for specific gemstones you require such as sapphires, amethyst, quartz , topaz in calibrated sizes for your jewellery projects.

If you plan to visit Sri Lanka for gem buying we will organize buying days in our offices in Colombo, Beruwala and Ratnapura.

Travelling to trade shows since the 1980s we to date exhibit in many gemstone fairs around the world. You can meet us at the GJX Tuscon Arizona, Hong Kong Gem & jewelry Fairs, China gem & Jewellery Fairs, Japan gem show, Munich Germany Mineral Shows.

Building new relationships, travelling and having consistent honest dealings with our stakeholders is a way of business we embody.

We are a member company of the ICA – the International Colored Gemstone Association, board members of the National Gem & Jewellery Association of Sri Lanka (NGJA), organizing members of the annual International Gem & jewellery Show in Sri Lanka– Facets , founding members of Sri Lankan Lapidarists and Exporters Association.

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