Gem Buying

Sri Lanka Is an experience of great gem sourcing and a bustling trading center for gemstones. This country has a rich and traditional system of gem trade, remaining vitally important to the modern gemstone market. The Sri Lankan gem trade offers an exciting and bustling gem buying experience with the opportunity to see some of Sri Lanka finest countryside, hills and paddy cultivating landscapes, oceans and waterways. Depending on your requirements, the goods you are looking for may be best found either in trading and lapidary hubs such as Beruwala or Colombo, or gem mining regions such as in the Ratnapura area. Regardless, we will travel with you to the location where we believe the chance are highest to find what you need. Remaining by your side, we will assist you in whatever ways necessary to find the best deals. Introducing you to the correct suppliers and negotiating on behalf of you for best prices the market can offer.

The towns of Beruwala and Ratnapura are the most prominent sources along with Colombo and Galle which also offer inroads to our supplier network. Here, our network of contacts is more than sufficient to fill your buying office with gemstones all day. Gemstones that you find in the markets may not be particularly well cut, however having an in-house lapidary allows our clients to discuss any recutting work with us during the buying process.

After deals are made, we will make sure gemstones are what they are supposed to be (by making arrangements for certification if necessary) before you make payments. Lastly, we could ship your items to your destination or make arrangements for hand carrying of the goods through the airport. Goods that we offer to you or material offered to you by our suppliers are guaranteed by our company.

If you are making plans to visit Sri Lanka for your buying tour, or even just dropping by our office to see the lapidary we would be happy to accommodate to make time to meet you, please inform us in advance so we can plan ahead to make your visit successful. You can visit the markets yourself but prior planning and a productive agent like us are likely to improve your productivity and allow you a hassle free buying trip. A few days for work, usually 3-5 days, will be enough to visit several trading areas. In case you are not a seasoned Sri Lanka visitor and buyer already, you might also like to spend some time indulging in the scenic beauty of the rest of the island.

If you have time for a gem mine tour in Ratnapura, we can plan a time for visiting the mines to have a first hand experience how traditional systems of mining are operated. Sri Lanka generally does not allow mechanized mining systems, instead the traditional and more environmentally friendly systems are still in active use. All mining is done responsibly with no child labour involved.